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There are moments in life when we believe in absolutely nothing and we ask our heart, “Is all this effort really worth it." 

WolfHawkJaguar is for those who have lost faith and courage, but still go forward and in the end, faith and courage return.” 

Passion, Spirit, Prosperity & Pain directly influence the melodic tunes of Urban World Music artist WolfHawkJaguar. His music stirs the soul with Orisa Spirituality, raptured in the heart of Hip Hop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues. His films explore culture and social responsibility allowing viewers to travel to a place of vulnerability. Currently residing in Oakland, the California native is a prolific musician, actor, film maker & educator. His message of love & prosperity speaks for itself. Press play…and believe.


3 animals..1 name.

Blessings R Now.


Ayodele Nzinga MFA, Ph.D., is a writer, director, actress, lyricist, and producer living in Oakland California. She is the author of SorrowLand Oracle and The Horse Eaters available at and Incandescent on Amazon Books. Nzinga is the inaugural Poet Laureate of Oakland CA.

Ayodele Nzinga
Awosade Sangoyemesi

Participating in lots of community engagement activities as a child mixed with several situations over the years is what has developed His adult career as a Professional Artist. After working with multiple non-profits around the state of Wisconsin and being the leader He was born to naturally be; He decided to partner with himself & begin his music career. One of the first steps was to learn Photoshop. He mastered that quickly, making Digital Design one of the many talents/services that he currently provides.You can visit his website for all those 

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