Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree Film & DVD

$ 30 USD

What happens when a group of young men start asking questions, learn about their origins, and go on a search for the answers? Follow this tale of discovery and transformation spanning multiple continents and reaching back thousands of years. Through the gifts of music and spirituality, peace and growth can sprout from even the smallest of seeds. 

90min Feature Length Film, 14 track album


Prosperity Movement

$ 10 USD

This album was made for the urban traveler. Prosperity Movement is   Culture, Orisa, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues through the lens of Urban World Music artists,  WolfHawkJaguar and Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri. From Oakland Ca. to the rest of the world sonically and visually  they travel through the beauty, love and prosperity of Urban World African Culture. Enjoy the sounds, and sights, travel with the Prosperity Movement.


Hunter Poetry

$ 12 USD

Before every hunt there's always a prayer. 



From Oakland With Love EP

$ 10 USD

Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri presents her debut EP, From Oakland With Love. R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop encompass the uplifting hypnotic sweet water words and affirmations that she vocalizes. Anthems and mantras for everyday people. 


Reflections: A Warrior Spirit Art Experience DVD

$ 20 USD

In the sorrowlands of Oakland, California, a collective of artists came together to heal the community.

40min short film


Operation Small Axe DVD

$ 50 USD

Operation Small Axe is an Award Winning documentary from producer and director Adimu Madyun. This film takes a raw and unflinching look at police terrorism and resistance in Oakland, California through the stories of Oscar Grant, Lovelle Mixon and P.O.C.C Minister of Information JR Valrey. Operation Small Axe expresses the sentiments of the people regarding goverment-sanctioned terrorism. Showing the diversity in the resistance, the choice weapon of the operation is citizen journalism. In the words of the internationally renowned artist Bob Marley, "if you are a big tree, we are the small axe, sharpened to cut you down".

Feature Length Film DVD 64 min







**to hear samples of music, no full albums available

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