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‘Warrior’ Artist Aims Oscar Grant Murals at Mehserle

Posted by 393Films 393Films on Thursday, July 15, 2010,

OAKLAND, CA – Rubbing his face quietly, the Oakland-based artist Golden State Warrior looks out of a car window. He surveys his latest graffiti piece as the paint dries in the night air. “My art is intended to stimulate consciousness,” he says.

GSW’s paintings of contemporary urban black warriors holding giant African spears are prominent in high traffic areas throughout Oakland.  “I use the warrior to bring vital information to my audience,” says GSW.

His new painting speaks d...

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"Operation Small Axe" Director/Producer Adimu Madyun Wins The 2010 Rise Up Award

Posted by 393Films 393Films on Friday, March 26, 2010,
Here at 393Films, we are pleased to announce some amazing news: on March 21st, 2010, director and producer of the documentary "Operation Small Axe" Adimu Madyun went on the road. His destination: The Patois International Rights Film Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. His purpose: to debut the film. 

The film received a standing ovation. Adimu himself received the 2010 Rise Up Award. This accolade is given to a film which makes a passive experience into an active one. In other words, the Rise ...
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