So, in light of our recent explosion of creativity, there is yet another eruption on the forefront. Check it out:  

Our very own Adimu Madyun of 393Films has obtained a crucial role in the play "Mama at Twilight," to be performed at Oakland's own Beebe Memorial Cathedral on March 6th from 4:00-6:00 PM and March 7th from 3:00-5:00 PM. Please see our events page for further details. This play is in honor of National Week of Prayer for Healing AIDS. 

That being said, to go further in depth as to what this momentous week in itself entails: this is a week of education in the prevention of, the survival with, and most of all, the artistic incentive for the education concerning AIDS: the most political of illnesses. This week will devote positive vibrations, prayer, and inspiration for those living with, healing, and becoming aware of the virus. 

Recall how it was only twenty short years ago, when AIDS was considered a terminal illness, when it was unceramoniously mis-christened and stigmatized as GRIDS (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome.) Today, in the year of 2010, we are proud to say that there are various methods of educating the public about AIDS, in developing the power of knowledge to understand that we are all susceptible to this disease, as much as our healing, whether we or a loved one struggle with it, or simply seek to educate ourselves. More importantly, the treatment, transmission of, and most of all, sense of well-being affiliated with this epidemic--whether or not one has been afflicted--is within our realm of conscious education. If knowledge is power (and it is) come join is, and support Adimu in his performance in honor of this moving week.