Here at 393Films, we are ecstatic to give you some awe-inspiring news regarding our recent event: Free Mumia! 

On February 21st, in Oakland, California, we kicked off the
Free Mumia event at Humanist Hall. This event included a preview of our very own 393Films feature-length film, "Operation Small Axe." For anyone not privy to the catalyst for this film, here is a brief backstory of the injustice: on January 1st, 2009, Oscar Grant was shot in the back and killed by Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Officer Johannes Mehserle. On March 21st, Lovelle Mixon was killed by Oakland police offers after having allegedly shot five OPD officers, killing four. "Operation Small Axe," interrogates a world besieged by police terrorism. 

First off, we want to thank those supporters who waged against the stormy night, to pack into humanist hall to show support for
Mumia Abu Jamal and to preview the new film brought to you by Adimu Madyun. Pam and Ramona Africa from Philadelphia's MOVE organization and POCC chairman Fred Hampton JR, were on hand. 

The response that followed was electric! The people applauded the courage of the filmmakers for putting out the film....The film is currently on a world tour and will be shown next at the
Patois International Human Rights festival in New Orleans on March 21, 2010. Please check out our events calendar for a comprehensive list of screenings. 

We cannot begin to express how crucial audience support is. In our up-and-coming endeavors, beginning with the aforementioned Human Rights Films Festival, we do not intend to end our screenings, gatherings, panels, and projects anytime soon. So, please follow-up with us.