Here at 393Films, we are pleased to announce some amazing news: on March 21st, 2010, director and producer of the documentary "Operation Small Axe" Adimu Madyun went on the road. His destination: The Patois International Rights Film Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. His purpose: to debut the film. 

The film received a standing ovation. Adimu himself received the 2010 Rise Up Award. This accolade is given to a film which makes a passive experience into an active one. In other words, the Rise Up Award strives to answer the following question: are you watching the movie, or is the moving watching you? 

Apparently, when it comes to "Operation Small Axe," the answer is a resounding, Yes. "Yes, I am watching it. I am engaging it. I am of it. I am in it." 

Adimu agrees. "I want people to leave my films with strong emotions and feelings," he said when asked about his process. "I want the audience to be moved into action. I want to capture the real everyday passion of life. It might not be politically-correct at all times, but it is the voice of the people."

Indeed, "Operation Small Axe" is a documentary that refuses to flinch. The piece takes an up-close-and-personal look into the cold eyes of police terrorism in Oakland, California, through the stories of Lovelle Mixon and Oscar Grant. The upcoming months prove the only thing small about this film is that word in the title. Aside from winning an award for raising larger questions, the film will also be debuting in places such as New York, Atlanta, France and Finland. Please, check out our Events page to keep abreast to these dates.